A growing collection of short stories

This year I’m working on a collection of short stories. The title for the collection is ‘Lines of Enquiry’. You can read each story as it appear on this website. Read on screen or by downloading the PDF.

The stories are free. However, if you have enjoyed reading them, perhaps you would consider making a small donation, for example £1.

The first story is now available. The second short story will be published in May.

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Map Reading

Published 17/4/20 © Petrus Ursem, 2020

A father recalls how a trek across Dartmoor became a turning point in his life…

My daughter was right, of course. Why did I waste my time – everyone’s time I guess – saying things that weren’t all that amusing and didn’t need to be said? She had suggested before that I should instead set up a website and air my jokes there, something like dad-joke-dot-net, where I could …